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Product Features

Ultronele's desire is to be a revolutionary elearning product featured with Speed, Usability, Enjoyment, Costlessness, Richness, Scalability, all these goals are reachable in the same time.


Leveraging the power of GatsbyJS framework, Ultronele give user an extremely soomth visit experience, no need to wait loading, its optimized content deliver to you without any delay.


Simple and easy to use both in software deployment and content authoring, Ultronele utilize the themelization archetecture and content generator to simplify the whole process.


Learning something unfamiliar may be not so interesting for most people, Ultronele solve this by introduce micro game or unlock bonus to encourage reader to open mind and keep delightful.


Setup and maintenance of a web application sounds like a big task for non-technicians, but Ultronele eliminates all your concern about it, by cutting database and using cloud service.


Being an elearning system, ultronele also a great CMS if not including test. Authors can create their tutorials/curriculums with the syntax of Markdown file, and built-in templates.


By means of the plugin design from GatsbyJS, ultronele is also scalable to any new functionalities both in front-end and back-end. The components, page templates, plugins make it extremely flexible.


Every user's learning process is recorded as learning path in local machine. Ultronele remember your each action and progress. Whenever you forget where you stop, turn to the path graph.


Ultronele is designed to encourage reader to walk through all the chapters/sections of each course by adding unlock bonus and certificate automatically creation at the end of test.


For Ultronele administrator, authoring content and seeing the end result in a PC browser is the only option. But for the normal readers/learners, there is another option, it's mobile phone.


  • Q: What purpose is this software used for?

    A: This software is designed for tutors, educational institutes, small enterprises which have little technical resources or limited budget, wish to own a easy-use training platform.

  • Q: Can I use it for free?

    A: Absolutely, if you're teacher/students/NGO members, you'd get full tech support totally with no fee. Ultronele's mission is to help as manay people as possible to access knowledge in the easiest way and the lowest cost.

  • Q: What if I made some custom development and want to sell to my client?

    A: It's OK, this product use MIT license, so you should include LICENSE file of this product.

  • Q: Our company need commercial support, can you provide?

    A: Sure, we recommend you purchase our Premium membership, and if you have more requirements we can talk in depth.

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